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You-Ping Ku and Talal Ashraf joining our team.

17/09/2019   -   Welcome You-Ping and Talal!

Talal Ashraf from Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal) just joined our group as an exchange master student. His master thesis work will be on investigation of various Pt-based electrocatalysts in the rotating disk electrode and gas diffusion electrode (GDE) half-cells (see GDE method approach for more details). In this project, we aim at clarifying differences and similarities in catalysts performances in two different environments.


You-Ping Ku from National Tsing Hua University (Taiwan) will join our group as a PhD student. Similarly to Talal, she will concentrate on studying electrocatalytic reactions in gas diffusion electrode half-cells. The research topics in focus are alkaline hydrogen oxidation reaction (HOR) and electrochemical synthesis (e.g. carbon dioxide reduction).

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