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Prof. Dr. Simon Thiele

Prof. Simon Thiele

Head of Research Unit

Electrocatalytic Interface Engineering


Phone: +49 9131 85-20843
Fax: +49 9131 85-20505
email: si.thiele@fz-juelich.de


Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH
Helmholtz-Institut Erlangen-Nürnberg
Egerlandstr. 3
91058 Erlangen


  • 2018- : Head of Department of Electrocatalytic Interface Engineering, Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (Erlangen, Germany) and Professor at the FAU
  • 2011- 2017: Head of the Porous Media Group at IMTEK
  • 2009 -2013: PhD in microsytems engineering at the Laboratory for MEMS Applications of Professor Zengerle

Research interest

His scientific focus is on the investigation of the relation between morphology, structure and conversion efficiency in electrocatalytical energy applications such as fuel cells, or electrolysers. The most important methods are tomographic imaging, microstructure modeling and reactant transport simulation as well as novel manufacturing processes and electrochemical characterisation.

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