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LOHC OneReactor system (5 KW hydrogenation / 5 kW dehydrogenation power)

The HI ERN research unit of Prof. Wasserscheid has jointly developed with the FAU spin-off company Hydrogenious Technologies GmbH the world’s first fully operational LOHC OneReactor energy storage system. The system has been built by Hydrogenious Technologies and has been delivered in 12/2016 to HI ERN. The system realizes hydrogen storage and release in the same reactor, thus improving significantly heat management and system dynamics of the entire energy storage process and reducing greatly specific investment cost.
In our current research using this OneReactor system at HI ERN we develop and test optimized catalyst systems for LOHC hydrogenation/dehydrogenation with a maximum of volumetric productivity and a minimum of LOHC degradation. Moreover, we identify and evaluate the most efficient operational strategies for the OneReactor in two different application scenarios: a) Off-grid energy storage, and b) energy storage in interplay with different heat storage technologies. Here, we investigate to which extent the heat from the exothermic hydrogen-loading process can be used for the endothermic hydrogen-release process in stationary applications if appropriate heat storage systems are applied.

LOHC OneReactor system

Further equipment

  • High-pressure high-temperature batch autoclave for LOHC hydrogenation / dehydrogenation experiments
  • Laboratory plant for continuous dehydrogenation experiments e.g. catalyst screening and kinetic measurements
  • Fuel cell setup for testing different organic substances as fuels
  • Analysis of gaseous substances:

    • Gas chromatography for trace analysis of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, low boiling aromatic compounds and hydrocarbons in hydrogen
    • On-line FTIR spectroscopy for hydrogen purity analysis
  • Analysis of liquid substances:

    • Gas chromatography for stability studies of organic hydrogen carrier substances
    • DART-MS

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