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RU-E: “X-ray spectroscopy and structure formation at interfaces” (tbd)

The research unit supported by the HZB is supposed to contribute to the in-depth spectroscopic characterization of the chemical and electronic structure of real-world photovoltaic and (photo)catalytic devices and related buried interfaces with the ultimate goal to establish required structure-function relationships between material and device properties. The research unit has full access to the analytic and to the material preparation capabilities of EMIL at BESSY, and contributes to the advancement of in-situ methodologies. This approach promises to open the route for an insight-driven optimization of materials and processes. In addition, to study materials and thin-film layer stacks deposited ex-situ (at e.g. HI-ERN), it is of special interest to also establish together with the materials experts at HI-ERN and HZB synthesis approaches for (novel) material classes that are or become of interest for PV and/or (P)EC applications. The ultimate goal is consequently to provide direct insights into the chemical processes in the liquid and/or gas phase, at the gas/solid or liquid/solid interface via real in-situ or operando spectroscopic analysis, which are essential for, e.g. the development/improvement of novel deposition methods central to PV and/or (photo)corrosion of (P)EC candidate materials during operation.

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