Nonaqueous Electrochemistry


Electrochemistry in nonaqueous liquid media offers unprecedented possibilities for researchers. Basic electrochemical properties of materials, well known in aqueous electrolytes, like stability, activity and selectivity drastically change in water-free systems.

Controlling concentrations of water helps understanding reaction mechanisms and the role of water in many reactions. Nowadays the most representative examples of nonaqueous electrochemical systems are the lithium-ion batteries. Beyond them, however, there exist many other interesting fields like electrochemical synthesis, where the classical electrochemical approaches and well known principles from catalysis are not considered yet or the results are difficult to interpret.

We aim to get better insights into these systems by applying rigorously controlled reaction conditions and developing new coupled electrochemical methods.

Research Topics

  • Stability of battery materials – real time monitoring of metal dissolution
  • Stability of electrocatalysts in nonaqueous media
  • Electrochemical conversion of electric power to valuable chemicals

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Dr. Pavlo Nikolaienko


Building HIERN-Cauerstr / Room 4030

+49 9131-8567514



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