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We congratulate Dr. Florian Speck on receiving the Jülich Excellence Award 2021!

Florian Speck of Forschungszentrum Jülich was honored for his outstanding dissertation on materials for electrocatalysis.

Forschungszentrum Jülich has awarded the 2021 Excellence Prize to Dr. Markus Zimmermann and Dr. Florian Speck. Chairman of the Board of Directors Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt presented the award endowed with € 5,000 to the two research graduates.

“This year’s two prize winners have demonstrated through their scientific work that they have met the particularly high demands associated with the Jülich Excellence Prize,” said Marquardt in his tribute to them. He added that the Board of Directors is very proud that Forschungszentrum Jülich produces such high-calibre early-career scientists, who have helped to shape their research field through their ideas and impetus and have earned international recognition in the process. “At the same time, I hope that the Excellence Prize has a motivating and inspiring effect and that we can continue to award early-career scientists for such a high level of achievement over the coming years.”

Dr. Florian SpeckFeierliche Runde: die beiden Exzellenzpreisträger (vorne von links): Dr. Markus Zimmermann und Dr. Florian Speck, zusammen mit (hinten von links): Dr. Jürgen Dammers (INM-4), Prof. Wolfgang Marquardt, Dr. Astrid Lambrecht und Prof. Frauke Melchior vom Vorstand sowie Prof. Karl Mayrhofer (HI ERN/IEK-11)
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2021 Excellence Prize: The two prize winners

Dr. Florian Speck

has optimized various catalyst materials for electrolytes and fuel cells in his excellent dissertation, large parts of which were written at Jülich’s branch office HI ERN/IEK-11.
The 31-year-old chemist investigated which adverse environmental conditions destroy these materials and how this destruction can be avoided.

Dr. Markus Zimmermann

received the prize in recognition of his dissertation, which makes an important contribution to making magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) suitable for
clinical use The 31-year-old electrical engineer (INM-4) has also developed techniques that greatly reduce the required measuring times and also enable
much more precise measurements.

The Jülich Excellence Prize

Forschungszentrum Jülich has been awarding the Excellence Prize since 2009 to young, internationally successful scientists for an outstanding doctoral thesis, the main parts of
which were written at Jülich, combined with excellent achievements during the postdoc phase. This must be endorsed by a high-ranking committee of four internal and four external
professors as well as written external expert opinions. With this year’s two recipients, the number of prize winners has now increased to 33.

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