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Pia won the EnCN Energy Award for an outstanding Bachelor!

12/2020 - EnCN Energy Award for an outstanding Bachelor Thesis

Every year the Energie Campus Nürnberg e.V. in cooperation with the Energie Campus Nürnberg awards the EnCN Energy Prize for outstanding bachelor and master theseis.
On December 10, 2020, it will be time again to honour the winners again.
Pia Ludwig, who wrote her bachelor thesis at our institute this year, won one of the prizes. Congratulations, Pia!

The main goal of Pia's bachelor thesis was to find out whether soldering conductor tapes onto a module has an effect on its cracking. In the course of the investigations, four modules were subjected to mechanical stress and monitored using electroluminescence and photoluminescence images as well as current-voltage characteristic curve measurements. Conductor strips were soldered onto two of these modules, the other two served as a reference. Then the results were evaluated and compared. As part of her work she also developed a solution to trigger PL recordings automatically

Pia has been studying power engineering at the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg for three years. Since the beginning of her studies, she has been fascinated by the possibilities of developing a building in an energy-efficient way, while constantly incorporating new options and innovations.

Pia feels that her fascination with photovoltaic systems is best reflected through a quotation by Kuno Roth:
The energy transition WILL be successful because there is sun like sand on the beach.

Pia says about solar energy production: "Not only does sand consist mainly of silicon dioxide, which can serve as a starting material for solar silicon, and is one of the most common raw material on earth. But also photovoltaic systems can be used everywhere, as long as the sun shines - This, makes solar energy production so interesting.”
We wish Pia all the best for her future! For the best possible use of solar power

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