8 billion people

More people are living on earth than ever before. But are the earth's limited resources sufficient for so many people? How can we feed them all, how can we supply them with energy? How do we get a grip on the effects on the climate and the environment? How do we live together? The population is not only growing - it is also getting older. Will we find a way to effectively combat diseases of old age like Alzheimer's? How do we deal with future pandemics?

Resources and environment, energy and mobility, agriculture and nutrition, society, health - in all these areas, population growth presents mankind with new challenges. Scientists at Jülich are facing up to these challenges and actively shaping the future with their research. Forschungszentrum Jülich presents some examples of this on its focus page - including two HI ERN research projects from the fields of energy and mobility.

Examples from HI ERN's research in the field of energy and mobility

Last Modified: 15.11.2022