Process Units for Chemical Hydrogen Storage


Our goal is to improve, develop and rethink apparatuses and processes for chemical hydrogen storage in liquid organic hydrogen carriers. We develop novel concepts for chemical conversion units, new process concepts and improve the linkage of the apparatuses to an efficient process as well as with other processes.

To achieve this, the team focuses on reactor and process modeling, optimization, and apparatus construction.

Research Topics

The research team focuses on reactors, apparatuses and processes for chemical hydrogen storage. The team focuses on different aspects:

  • In the area of reactor and process development, novel reactor concepts for dehydrogenation and hydrogenation are developed and investigated at laboratory and pilot scale. Models are then developed for these reactors for design and scaling.
  • In addition, part of the team is currently working intensively on the study of heat transfer from the heated wall to the catalyst and the mathematical description of this heat transfer.


Dr. Julian Kadar


Building HIERN-Cauerstr / Room 3026

+49 9131-12576115



Last Modified: 24.03.2023