High Throughput Characterization and Modelling for PV


Our vision is to provide solar power anywhere, anytime and at competitive prices. In our group, we develop models as well as measurement and analysis methods to predict energy yield and aging behaviour for virtually any PV system for any application at any location in the world. We want to ensure that the full potential of photovoltaics is exploited – under all conditions.

Research Topics

A variety of influences affect the performance and aging behaviour of real, not ideal PV systems. We analyse these potential impacts in order to derive reliable models for predicting the medium- and long-term performance of PV systems. We investigate the causes of individual failures and develop new metrology and analysis methods to detect and predict them. Our group focuses on:

  • Reliability of PV modules and systems
  • Field characterization of PV systems
  • Pattern recognition and big data methods for PV
  • Ageing and failure of PV technologies
  • Site-specific degradation forecasts


Dr. Ian Marius Peters


Building Helmholtz-Erl.-Nürnb / Room 0.7

+49 9131-9398152


Our Infrastrcture

is designed to characterize the performance of photovoltaic modules and systems by means of detailed electrical measurements and a variety of imaging methods both indoors and outdoors under real operating conditions.

To this purpose we have:

  • An outdoor test field for field and tracker PV modules with high-resolution weather and yield monitoring
  • PV test field on the roof with high-resolution module and string-resolved electrical and IR thermographic monitoring
  • State-of-the-art drones (unmanned aerial vehicles, UAVs) for inspecting PV systems using IR, visible and electroluminescence imaging)
  • PV testing laboratory with AAA table and tunnel flashlights for full-size PV module evaluation (IV characterization)
  • Non-destructive imaging laboratory with spectroscopic imaging and scanning techniques (Raman, FTIR, PL, EL, Thermography, AFM, SEM)
  • Darkroom for entire imaging characterization modules with automatic xyz stage for exposed and dark lock-in thermography, photoluminescence and electroluminescence
  • Highly flexible and automated testing facility for static and dynamic mechanical loading of PV modules for degradation forecasts
  • Accelerated lifetime testing with variable temperatures (up to 1000°C), illumination (up to 500 suns) and atmospheres (controlled humidity, O2 or other gases)


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