High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics


The research department „High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics“ aims to develop materials, processes and technologies fostering a sustainable and significant cost degression of the photovoltaic technology, from small non-gird connected energy harvesting to large scale energy production and from the Watt scale to the Terawatt scale. The research combines achievements from automated materials research, digitization, simulation and big-data methods with the specialized knowledge of Photovoltaic technology.

Research Topics

Research in novel semiconducting and electronic materials with customized properties is a central aspect to develop the next generation renewable energy devices. A novel generation of semiconductors which can be processed from solution by conventional printing and coating methods offers an opportunity for a further, major cost reduction in the production of renewable energy. The complexity of these novel multi-element semiconductors requires a paradigm change in the research strategy. The vast parameter space damands a parallel exploration of whole material classes instead of the conventional subsequent investigation and optimization of single semiconductors. For effective materials development, furthermore processing and application knowledge must be included early in the development process. With the working groups, the research department "High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics" therefore covers the entire research spectrum from materials through processing all the way to applications.


Prof. Christoph Brabec


Building Helmholtz-Erlangen / Room 367

+49 9131/85-25462


Our Research Groups

The research department is a cooperation between the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research (ZAE Bayern), the Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nuremberg (FAU) and HI ERN and performs its research in three research groups to address specific challenges in the fields of materials and device development, highly productive processes for the manufacture of PV-modules as well as the maintenance and operations of very large scale solar power plants.


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