Novel Catalyst Design (YIG)


How can new material concepts enrich established and emerging technologies to reduce our ecological footprint?

The new Young Investigator Group (YIG) addresses this question and develops new catalyst concepts for the global energy transition. Our focus is on electrochemical reactions, which are gaining more importance and taking place in, for example, water electrolysis, electrochemical CO2 reduction, or hydrogen fuel cells.

Research Topics

A special concern is to extend the technical lifespan of our catalysts. We work on new synthesis methods to establish and automate the production of stable, active, and cost-efficient catalysts. Our research is supported by fundamental studies on the growth mechanisms and the subsequent development of new materials. Innovative, automated characterization techniques are used to evaluate the catalyst’s performance. This enables the examination of numerous materials in a short time and thus accelerates the discovery of new materials. The corresponding reaction mechanisms that are essential for understanding the underlying processes are examined.

We attach great importance to interdisciplinarity and internationality within our research group to be highly competitive nationally and internationally.


Prof. Marc Ledendecker


Building Erlangen / Room 5003

+49 9131-12538205



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