If you don´t find suitable job offers on this webpage at the moment, working at HI ERN might still be possible considering other funding schemes.

We encourage you to contact the leader of the research units, Prof. Mayrhofer, Prof. Wasserscheid, Prof. Harting, Prof. Thiele or Prof. Brabec / Dr. Hauch, to discuss possibilities to work at HI ERN.

Student assistant jobs and Preparing a Thesis

Would you like to make a contribution to the energy transition in Germany while still studying, and at the same time gain practical experience and expand your knowledge? We offer students the opportunity to work on interesting scientific projects or to support us in the technical or administrative infrastructure:

Student Assistant Job: Characterization of Polymer Electrolyte Membranes (PEM) and preparation of electrodes for PEM water electrolysis

Scientific Student Assistant: Catalyst Research

Master Thesis: Reference system for OER catalyst characterization in alkaline water electrolysis

Master Thesis: Rationalizing the impact of the processing conditions on the morphology of the absorber layer in organic solar cells

Master Thesis: Evaporation-induced spinodal decomposition in solution-processed organic solar cells

Master Thesis: Two-step deposition for p-i-n architectures in organic solar cells

Master Thesis: Reaction kinetics modelling for absorber layer formation in perovskite solar cells

Master Thesis: Development of a quality control method for Liquid organic hydrogen carriers (LOHC) via LC-MS (Location: Jülich)

Master Thesis: Development of innovative solar cells based on all-organic metal-free halide perovskites

Bachelor/Master Thesis: Investigation of crack forming in new PV module technologies

Bachelor/Master Thesis: Investigation of soiling at PV modules

Master Thesis: "Development of new membrane materials based on functionalized polynorbornenes synthesized by vinyl addition polymerization for electrochemical energy applications

Master Thesis: "Stability of protected photoanodes"

Master Thesis: "High throughput catalysts testing for CO2electroreduction – from a qualitative to a quantitative product analysis"

Master Thesis: "Bridging the gap - Analysing real catalyst layers by using fundamental electrochemical methods"

Master Thesis: “Modification of aromatic polymers with ion-conducting groups and application in fuel cells and electrolysis”

Master Thesis: „Synthesis, polymerization and modification of novel flexible aromatic monomers for application in fuel cells and electrolysis“ (more information in german)

Student assistant job: "Membrane Processing and Synthesis" (more information in german)

Last Modified: 18.09.2023