Student assistant job: Development of various tools for laboratory automation and optical process control

Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics or similar


Development of various tools for laboratory automation and optical process control
T. Ackstaller / HI ERN

For PEM Electrolyzer research, many different material combinations need to be tested on the suitability for future applications. Sample preparation and analysis are time-consuming, repetitive processes and thus a good candidate for automation.

As part of the project “High-Throughput Electrolysis”, we will automate catalyst ink formulation in a first step and the electrode sampling as a second one. Doing so, new devices must be developed to fit the small sample size and analytic devices must be modified to work within the setup and be operational together with a robot arm.

Your profile

  • You are interested in the development and manufacturing of electrical and mechanical devices.
  • You have profound knowledge in the area of CAD and manufacturing.
  • You are motivated, team-minded, communicative, and are able to work independently.
  • In an ideal case you are experienced in one or more of the following topics: actuators and small circuits, microcontroller, optics, CAD, materials, Python coding

Your tasks

  • Literature research on design options
  • Thermal and functional dimensioning
  • CAD-design of the setup
  • Microcontroller programming
  • Device integration


  • Design of an x-y-stage for a microscope
  • Contact angle measuring camera setup
  • Automated doctor blade for viscous inks
  • Tilt-mechanism for microscale

We offer

Outstanding working conditions in a young and interdisciplinary team with a lot of freedom for your own ideas. There is room for trying different solutions with our rapid manufacturing devices and an always supportive workshop unit to discuss your designs with. Further information about our research unit for electrocatalytic interface engineering can be found here.

The start of your project is flexible.

Please send your application to

Thomas Ackstaller

Doctoral Researcher

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    Room 4028
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