Master thesis: High throughput catalysts testing for CO2 electroreduction – from a qualitative to a quantitative product analysis

The Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (HI ERN) is an institute of Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH, with a focus on storage technologies for renewable energies. As part of Prof. K. Mayrhofers research unit „Electrocatalysis” the group „Electrosynthesis” is mainly working on catalyst evaluation by tracking reaction products at various scales, from short to long timescales, and from model to applied interfaces.

We possess expertise in the real-time evaluation of electrochemical reactions through the coupling of scanning flow cells and mass spectrometry, a powerful tool to qualify the product distribution in different environments. To support this qualitative data input, we require a method that is as powerful for the quantitative evaluation. The quantification of the data is usually performed manually by collecting the reaction products after long experiments in cells with a significant volume. For this reason, the thesis goal is to couple an automated sample collector with our in-house developed set-ups: traditional two-compartment cells and cells based on gas diffusion electrodes (GDE). The newly developed method should reproduce the benchmarked performance of Ag and possibly evaluate new catalysts modified with ionic liquids. Thus, the experimental work comprises the preparation of catalyst layers (ink-formulation) and the product evaluation using online and offline methods (Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry).

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... an excellent, international and interdisciplinary working environment with leading experts in the fields of research. Flexibility to shape the master thesis’ topic to applicants' interests and qualifications.

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... motivated students with excellent grades in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, material science with some experience in CAD design and programming. Therefore, besides good scientific basics, appropriate English skills are required. Basic knowledge in electrochemistry is preferable, but not essential.

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