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HI ERN is part of the information campaign "Platz für Wasserstoff"

The Haßfurt municipal utility in Lower Franconia, the world's first LOHC hydrogen filling station in Erlangen and the Helmholtz Institute for Renewable Energy (HI ERN): In its information campaign, the Wasserstoff-Metropolregion Nürnberg hy+ (hydrogen metropolitan region of Nuremberg hy+) uses authentic and personal stories to illustrate the important role hydrogen plays in the energy and mobility transition.

Research strength and innovative power

HI ERN researches and develops material- and process-based solutions for climate-neutral, sustainable and cost-effective utilization of renewable energies. In part three of the information campaign, the institute thus exemplifies the research strength and innovative power of the entire area - which holds a pioneering position in national and international comparison.

Platz für Wasserstoff-Erforscherinnen
PhD student Ricarda Kloth at a scanning flow cell. With the help of various measurement methods, promising catalyst materials can be identified that could be used in fuel cells or electrolyzers in the future.
ENERGIEregion / David Häuser

For this purpose, HI ERN PhD student Ricarda Kloth will provide insights into her research work as part of the campaign:

"For research into new catalyst materials for fuel cells and electrolyzers, we are working at HI ERN on so-called high-throughput techniques. In this way, we want to test as many materials as possible for their reaction efficiency and stability in as short a time as possible," Kloth explains during the lab visit.

The 27-year-old came to HI ERN in 2019 from Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg (FAU). In her molecular science studies, she focused early on on electrochemistry, hydrogen and catalysts for water electrolysis.

Über hy+

The Wasserstoff-Metropolregion Nürnberg hy+ is home to over 150 players in the future field of hydrogen and one of the pioneering hydrogen regions in Europe. With its research strength and innovative power, it is advancing the production, storage and use of green hydrogen and thus making an important contribution to local value creation and global climate protection.

Quelle: Wasserstoff-Metropolregion Nürnberg hy+

Last Modified: 23.11.2022