Awarded: 1st place in poster competition for HI ERN photovoltaics researcher

HI ERN scientist Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz won 1st place for her poster presentation. She received the award at the 39th PV Symposium in Bad Staffelstein in March 2023.

Ausgezeichnet: 1. Platz bei Posterwettbewerb für Photovoltaik-Forscherin des HI ERN
HI ERN-Wissenschaftlerin Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz gewinnt mit ihrer Posterpräsentation „Risse? – Risse! – Risse in PV“ den 1. Platz.
Sebastian Buff/IBC Solar

Her poster entitled "Cracks? - Cracks! - Cracks in PV!" describes the discrepancy between attention and relevance of different types of cracks in photovoltaic (PV) modules such as cell cracks, cracks in backside foils and in cell ribbons.

Cracks in PV systems are not uncommon, but often go undetected. They may minimize the performance of entire PV systems and also pose a safety risk: Cracks can lead to insulation faults and subsequently cause the inverter to shut down the system for safety reasons. Therefore, it is important to look closely and keep an eye on the effects of crack types on performance.

Dr. Claudia Buerhop-Lutz has been conducting research in the High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics department of the Helmholtz Institute Erlangen-Nürnberg for Renewable Energy (HI ERN) since 2018: projects on the development of mainly imaging methods, data analysis, and the investigation of the influence of polymers on electrical performance are part of the focus of her research work in solar parks. Before that, she was responsible for the thermographic inspection of PV modules as group leader IR at the Bavarian Center for Applied Energy Research e. V. (ZAE Bayern). The materials scientist laid the foundation for her current research work with her studies at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg, where she earned her doctorate in 1994 on the laser processing of glass.


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