Digitized O&M Management for Securing Yields of Solar Plants (dig4morE)

Many PV systems in Germany are not exploiting their potential in electricity generation. This becomes clear when looking at thermographic images, which show conspicuous heat signatures in about 8% of the modules, which in turn indicate power reductions. In dig4morE the partners of the project want to detect and activate this unused potential and further system deficits by means of high-precision sensor technology, modern monitoring and evaluation concepts as well as optimized operation management strategies. Through these measures, they additionally expect an extension of the lifetime of the solar parks and strive for the development of concepts for new, low-loss large-scale projects.

Project Partner

For dig4morE, HI ERN has joined forces with the companies Sunsniffer GmbH, SUNSET-Energietechnik GmbH and Aquila Capital Management GmbH to identify potential for improving the operational management of large solar parks. The cooperation project is coordinated by Sunsniffer GmbH.

Project Period

01 June 2021 until 31 May 2024


dig4morE - Digitized O&M Management for Securing Yields of Solar Plants

dig4morE is a research project funded by the the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK) with 2 Mio. € over a period of three years as part of the 8th Energy research framework program (FKZ: 03EE1090B).


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