Master Thesis: Synthesis and modification of novel conductive groups for fuel cell applications

Development of novel technologies such as fuel cells, electrolyzers and redox-flow batteries is a very active field of research nowadays due to the need for implementation of renewable energy technologies to decarbonize the society. The development of new ion-conducting polymer materials for use as membranes in the above-mentioned electrochemical processes is a constant challenge. The aim here is to develop a cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable material. For this purpose, a series of conductive monomers will be modified and polymerized at their side chain. The compounds will then be characterized ex-situ regarding conductivity, stability, etc.

We offer

An excellent, international and interdisciplinary working environment with leading experts in the fields of research. Flexibility to shape the master thesis’ topic to applicants interests and qualifications.

We are looking for

Motivated students with excellent grades in the fields of chemistry, chemical engineering, or material science, who like to work in international teams. Therefore, besides good scientific basics, appropriate English skills are required. Extended knowledge in organic chemistry and polymer chemistry is required for this thesis, and basic knowledge in electrochemistry is preferable, but not essential.

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