SCIPRIOS licenses SpinBot Technology from FZJ/HIERN

For its high-throughput automated processing lines HI ERN has developed an automated spin-coating setup. This SpinBot Technology was recently licensed by the SpinOff SCIPRIOS

SCIPRIOS licenses SpinBot Technology from FZJ/HIERN
SpinBot Setup

The ZAE/HI ERN SpinOff SCIPRIOS specializes in Pilot and R&D production lines for printed electronics applications. SCIPRIOS has been a close cooperation partner of HI ERN in recent years. As a support for the fully integrated AMANDA Line for the production of printed solar cells HI ERN has developed a smaller SCARA-robot based setup for the preparation of individual layers in air. This SpinBot can manipulate objects, load multiple spincoaters, open and close vials, pipette liquids, mix master solutions and perform annealing. The SpinBot is fully integrated with the software backbone of the AMANDA system and is controlled remotely. SCIPRIOS has recently obtained a license from Forschungszentrum Jülich to build and market the SpinBot technology. SCIPRIOS will use the existing platform and expand it with more functionalities to offer customized setups for various R&D applications like Photovoltaics, Batteries, Fuel cells, OLEDs, Lighting, Sensors, Displays as well as Optical, electronic and functional films.

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