Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament visits "Solar Factory of the Future“

The Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament, led by State Parliament President Ilse Aigner, was able to take a look at the future of a cost-effective energy industry based on renewable energies.

Visit of the Presidium of the Bavarian Parliament to EnCN
The Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament led by State Parliament President Ilse Aigner (front center) visiting EnCN.
EnCN/Louie Jieun Han

The regional visit will take the Presidium of the Bavarian State Parliament to Middle Franconia in October under the leadership of State Parliament President Ilse Aigner. The aim of the tradition-steeped regional visits is to identify current developments and to talk to people. During an election period, each administrative district is to be visited.

During the fourth regional visit of the current legislative period, the delegation also made a stop at the Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN). Here, HI ERN is is a network partner of EnCN and operates own research infrastructures at the site, such as the “Solar Factory of the Future” (SFF). At EnCN, the delegates were able to see for themselves the progress of the SFF led by Dr. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, team leader at HI ERN, and Prof. Christoph Brabec, director at HI ERN.

The printed solar cells make happy - and do not require a prescription.
During the visit to the "Solar Factory of the Future", the delegation (center left President of the Bavarian State Parliament, Ilse Aigner and Prof. Dr. Joachim Hornegger, President of FAU) were able to see for themselves the positive effect of organic solar cells - they are efficient, flexible, colorful and visibly put people in a good mood.
EnCN/Louie Jieun Han

In the SFF, the future is already beginning today: Printable organic solar modules are being researched here. This technology opens up completely new possibilities and makes solar energy usable in many places that would not be accessible otherwise. Materials such as plastic, glass or metal are given an additional functionality here. Efficient manufacturing processes and sustainable materials are part of the vision of a cost-effective energy economy based on renewable energies. The printing of organic solar modules will play an important role in this and is already a reality in SFF today.

The Energy Campus Nuremberg (EnCN) is an energy research center that develops new technologies for a holistic energy system. As an independent research network, seven research institutions from the Nuremberg Metropolitan Region cooperate in an association as an interdisciplinary think tank. Together with companies, the Nuremberg Energy Campus works on research projects to develop solutions for the energy of tomorrow.

HI ERN contributes its expertise in this field as a network partner of the EnCN: Prof. Christoph Brabec, member of the HI ERN Board of Directors, is also part of the scientific leadership team at the EnCN, as is Dr. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf, head of the HI ERN research team "High Throughput Processing for PV".


Prof. Christoph Brabec

Director and Head of Research Department High Throughput Methods in Photovoltaics

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    Room 367
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    Dr. Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf

    Gruppenleiter "Hochdurchsatz Prozessierung für die PV"

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      Room 1.13
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